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Statement of Purpose

Unlike other Model United Nations simulations, MUNFW is based upon the premise that participating academic institutions are the stakeholders of the organization. Representatives of participating institutions (faculty advisors and/or Delegation Chairs) should formulate the broad policy parameters to ensure that MUNFW continues to function as an academically sound enterprise, continues to improve the quality of conference experiences for student delegates, and, in the end, ensures the long-term survival of MUNFW, Inc. These policy decisions are made in Membership meetings during the annual MUNFW conference. It is critical that participating academic institutions be represented in Membership.

Membership of MUNFW, Inc. consists of all credentialed schools attending the Annual Model United Nations of the Far West Conference. Representatives of those member schools that have paid all fees should participate in the Membership meetings for that conference.

It is extremely important that each school have an Advisor and/or Delegation Chair who is free during meeting times and willing to represent the school in Membership. Vital items such as the following are considered:

  • The discussion and approval of changes in the wording or interpretation of the rules of procedure and guides to participation (or Rules Committee);
  • The discussion and approval of changes to the Governing Documents (or General Committee); the Governing Documents are the guidelines for conducting each annual conference;
  • The selection of future conference Secretariats and approval of the fees and budget for each conference;
  • The review and acceptance of the report of the immediate past conference Secretariat;
  • The evaluation of and/or adjustments to the current conference;
  • The election of Officers for the MUNFW, Inc. Board of Directors;
  • The election of student representatives to the MUNFW, Inc. Board of Directors;
  • The review and acceptance of the report and suggestions of the MUNFW, Inc. Board of Directors;
  • The review and acceptance of the report and suggestions of the Executive Director.

Membership usually meets twice during conference: the first full day and the third day. If a need arises, a Rules Committee consisting of 5 to 9 member schools and/or a General Committee consisting of 7 to 16 member schools may be convened also. Other appropriate groups may be formed at the discretion of the Membership.

The following pertinent documents for this year’s meetings appear on this web site:

  • Provisional Agenda
  • Minutes of Previous meeting
  • Governing Documents
  • Roberts’ Rules Modified

It is strongly suggested that the representatives to the Membership download these documents and bring them to conference with you. Also, please take the time to review the documents beforehand.

Member schools are responsible for determining much about future conferences, how they are organized and operated and how they are evaluated. Member schools are responsible for ensuring the future of the organization. Please ensure that your school is represented in Membership meetings during conference!

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