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The Power of the Powerless: Stregthening Vulnerable Populations

1. Opening of the Session by the President of the General Assembly

2. Moment of Silent Prayer and Meditation

3. Roll Call of Member States

4. Statements  by the  Secretary-General

5. Adoption of the Agenda

6. Credentials Committee

a. Appointment of Members

b. Report of the Credentials Committee

7. Admission of New Members

8. Plenary General Debate

9. Freedom of Information and the Role of the Media in the Digial Era (New International Information Order – 6th Special 1974) (GA)

10. Elaborating on Sexual Rights in the 21st Century (GA)

11. PGA’s High Level Event (GA)

12. Freedom of Religion and Belief (3rd Committee)

13. Hashtag Activism: Empowerment of Women and Girls (3rd Committee)

14. Strengthening the Rights of Older Persons: Elaborating the Convention on Aging (3rd Committee)

15. Ocean Acidification and the Threat to Food Security  (United Nations Environment Assembly)

16. Natural Resources Extraction and the Impact on Vulnerable Populations (United Nations Environment Assembly)

17. Addressing Air Pollution in the context of Sustainable Development Goal 3 (Good Heath and Well Being) (United Nations Environment Assembly)

18. Review of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Human Rights Council

19. Countries in Crisis (Human Rights Council)

20. The Intersection of Human Rights, Security and Sustainable Development (Human Rights Council)

21. Report of the United Nations Development Programme Executive Council

  1. UNDP Strategic Plan 2020-2024
  2. Delivering as One
  3. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030

22. Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

  1. Implementing the Global Compact on Refugees
  2. Countering Xenophobia and Strengthening Refugee Populations
  3. Addressing Statelessness

21. Report of the Security Council (agenda to be determined by Member States during the 69th Session

22. Adjournment


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