The Power of the Powerless: Stregthening Vulnerable Populations

1. Opening of the Session by the President of the General Assembly

2. Moment of Silent Prayer and Meditation

3. Roll Call of Member States

4. Statements  by the  Secretary-General

5. Adoption of the Agenda

6. Credentials Committee

a. Appointment of Members

b. Report of the Credentials Committee

7. Admission of New Members

8. Plenary General Debate

9. The Impact of the World Drug Problem (GA)

10. Applying the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine (GA)

11. PGA High Level Event (GA)

12. Supporting Sustainable Development in the Digital Era LDCs (2nd Committee)

13. Responding to the Impact of Globalization on Small and Medium Economies (2nd Committee)

14. The Relationship Between Debt Servicing and Economic Development (2nd Committee)

15. The Question of Palestine (4th Committee)

16. Evaluating the Decolonization Declaration in the Modern Era (4th Committee)

17. Guaranteeing Food Security in Conflict Zones (4th Committee)

18. Report of Committee 34

  1. Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Mandate
  2. Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Strategies
  3. Personnel, Conduct, Discipline, Cooperation, and Mitigating the Negative Outcomes

19. Report of the Human Rights Council

  1. Strengthening Civil Society
  2. Protecting Freedom of Expression
  3. Prioritizing Human Rights in the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

20. Report of the Commission on the Status of Women

  1. Preventing Domestic Violence against Women
  2. Closing the Gap in Providing Access to Women’s Health Care
  3. Empowering the Economic, Political and Social life of Women

21. Report of the Security Council (agenda to be determined by Member States during the 68th Session

22. Adjournment