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The Sustainable Development Goals: Leave No One Behind

1. Opening of the session by the President of the General Assembly

2. Moment of silent prayer and meditation

3. Roll call of Member States

4. Statements  by the  Secretary-General

5. Adoption of the agenda

6. Credentials Committee

a. Appointment of members

b. Report of the Credentials Committee

7. Admission of new members

8. Plenary general debate

9. Addressing poverty (GA)

10. Terrorism (GA)

11. Special session (GA)

12. Improving workers’ rights (2nd Committee)

13. Providing sustainable and resilient infrastructure (2nd Committee)

14. Managing and preserving natural resources while reducing waste generation (2nd Committee)

15. Report of the Economic and Social Council

  1. Measures to combat deforestation and desertification
  2. Measures to address organized crime
  3. Examining implementation of global partnerships for Sustainable Development Goal 17

16. Promoting sustainable and environmentally sound urbanization( (United Nations Environment Assembly)

17. Strengthening capacity-building at national and local levels to address environmental concerns (United Nations Environment Assembly)

18. Addressing marine pollution in light of SDG number 14 (United Nations Environment Assembly)

19. Measures to ensure equal access to and education for all, especially women and girls (Commission on the Status of Women)

20. Ensuring universal access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights and eliminating all forms of harmful practices against women and girls (Commission on the Status of Women)

21. Promoting the economic and political empowerment of women (Commission on the Status of Women)

22. Strengthening food security and food production systems in relation to nutrition (World Health Organization)

23. Strengthening maternal health care systems in developing countries (World Health Organization)

24. Strengthening efforts to achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all (World Health Organization)

25. Report of the Security Council (agenda to be determined by Member States during the 70th Session

26. Adjournment

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