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Model United Nations of the Far West aims to emulate the actual United Nations, thus participants should strive to maintain a professional decorum. It is the responsibility of the faculty advisor to inform their delegates of the following rules of conduct and behavior and to ensure that delegates conform to conference policies during the annual session. If a problem arises with a delegate concerning these guidelines, the delegate’s advisor will be asked to help resolve the situation.

Behavior in Committee

Committees are forums for discussion and creative solutions to global problems. Delegates are expected to be prepared, attentive, courteous, and familiar with the committee’s Rules of Procedure. Delegates shall address themselves to the chair or the entire body; at no time will delegates engage in debate or argue with each other directly, during formal debate. Delegates should not interrupt or be disrespectful during the speech of another delegate, nor should disagreements between delegates and the Chair over the interpretation of the rules be allowed to disrupt the work of the committee. At no time will delegates use foul or derogatory language or slurs regarding any country or individual. Any of the above actions on the part of a delegate may be ground for the loss of credentials at the discretion of the Secretary-General.

Behavior Outside of Committee

Model United Nations of the Far West hopes all delegates will take advantage of conference time to meet and get to know students from other schools and geographic locations. However, delegates are reminded that there are appropriate times for these activities, both before and after committee sessions. When committees are in session, delegates are expected to be in their respective committee rooms. Because this conference shares the hotel with other groups and guests, delegates are reminded to keep their noise to a minimum. Inappropriate behavior will result in action by the Office of the Executive Director of MUNFW, the hotel staff, or the relevant local authorities. A delegate may be removed from the conference and/or hotel if they act in a disruptive or disrespectful manner to Secretariat members or other conference participants.

Dress Code

Preferred attire for committees shall be standard western business dress. International students may also wear the professional dress of their home country. Western business attire includes jacket and tie with appropriate shirt and pants. Sweaters are acceptable in place of jackets. Appropriate attire also includes dresses, skirts, or pants with appropriate blouses. Sheer clothing should be avoided. No jeans or athletic wear, sneakers, T-shirts, or shorts will be allowed to be worn in committees. If the Secretariat determines that a delegate’s attire is distracting to the committee or otherwise constitutes a breach of protocol, the delegate will be asked to leave the committee until they are appropriately attired and the student’s advisor shall be notified.

Alcohol Policy

All conference participants are expected to comply with State laws regulating the purchase and consumption of alcohol. It is the policy of the Board of Directors of MUNFW to discourage alcoholic beverages from being brought to the conference site. For all receptions and group get-togethers taking place during conference, the consumption of alcohol must be inside guest rooms or spaces officially designated by the conference. Drinking alcohol in open containers or glasses in the hallways or in open doorways is prohibited. There shall be no alcohol permitted in committee rooms at any time. Any person or persons exhibiting disruptive behavior as a result of alcohol consumption will be requested to leave the conference immediately, without exception.

Sexual and other Forms of Harassment

Model United Nations of the Far West takes sexual and other forms of harassment very seriously. All allegations of harassment will be reported to the faculty advisors of the conference participants involved. If a faculty advisor is not present, an incident report will be sent to the home schools of students involved. If necessary, instances of harassment may also be reported to local law enforcement. All students should be aware that the policies of their home institutions apply at Model United Nations of the Far West, regardless of the location in which they take place.

“The UN is our greatest hope for future peace. Alone we cannot keep the peace of the world, but in cooperation with others we have to achieve this much longed-for security.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt, Chair of the UN Commission on Human Rights and former First Lady of the United States

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