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This is an Image Carousel. Just handful of generic play pictures. Would add in the student images for 2013 session. I like that it can be displayed in one strip. Then you can make the individual image bigger.
BUT…when you click on the image, it is NOT clickable left and right.

I got a hold of the developer and asked him if it could do that. He said Great idea, I will make the change. He just hasn’t yet.

But next question is this…is this something that you want to start?I think it is great, but there a couple of things I need to say…Each year, you would gather photos. Sort thr0ugh them for the best representation. They need to be reduced in size so they are not too huge which would take up too much space on your server. Photoshop has a batch script that will reduce the size to whole folder. Upload is easy though.

AND you can have many of these carousel strips. The 4 boxes can be reduced in size to have 5 across if needed.

2017 - 67rd Annual Session

This is an image grid. It would if we only had one event. Perhaps the just free time can have a page to itself with this style.
BUT…wanted to show you that when you click on the image, I like that it bring the image up big and clickable left and right.

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