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The following list provides links to the agendas and Issue Books from previous conferences. The archive is far from complete, but we are slowly working on adding as many agenda’s and issue papers as possible.

69th Session - 2019Agenda

Issues Book
68th Session - 2018Agenda

Issues Book - Power of the Powerless
67th Session - 2017Agenda

Issues Book - Old Threats, New Threats: Global and Human Security in 2017
66th Session - 2016Agenda

Issues Book - Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals
65th Session - 2015Agenda

Issues Book - The Reach of the UN in the Modern Era: The Conflict Between Individual, Collective and Sovereign Rights
64th Session - 2014Agenda

Issues Book - Looking Backward, Moving Forward: Preparing for the Post-2015 Development Agenda
63rd Session - 2013Agenda

Issues Book
62nd Session - 2012Agenda

Issues Book - Cutting the Gordian Knot: Addressing the International Community's Greatest Problems in the Twenty-First Century
61st Session - 2011Issues Book - People on the Move: Urbanization, Migration and Forced Displacement
60th Session - 2010Agenda

Issues Book - Humanity: Conquering the Great Divide
59th Session - 2009Agenda

Issues Book - Looking Backwards, Moving Forwards: Reconciling History with Humanity
58th Session - 2008Agenda

Issues Book - Addressing the Needs of the Vulnerable
57th Session - 2007Agenda

Issues Book - Reasserting UN Relevance: Defining Its Role In A Changing World
53rd Session - 2003Issues Book
52nd Session - 2002 Agenda, Issues Book - Quest for Human Betterment
51st Session - 2001 Agenda, Issues Book - We the Peoples
50th Session - 2000 Agenda, Issues Book - Equality and Justice in the 21st Century
49th Session - 1999 Agenda, Issues Book - Building Global Peace and Security in the 21st Century
48th Session - 1998 Agenda, Issues Book - Post Conflict Peace Building
47th Session - 1997 Agenda, Issues Book -
46th Session - 1996 Agenda, Issues Book - Science, the Environment and Sustainable Development
45th Session - 1995 Agenda, Issues Book - Restructuring The United Nations For The Next Fifty Years
44th Session - 1994 Agenda, Issues Book - A New Era of Human Rights
43rd Session - 1993 Agenda, Issues Book - Advancement, Environment and Development for Women
42nd Session - 1992 Agenda, Issues Book - A Rebirth of World Peace
41st Session - 1991 Agenda, Issues Book -
40th Session - 1990 Agenda, Issues Book -
39th Session - 1989 Not Available
38th Session - 1988 Not Available
37th Session - 1987 Not Available
36th Session - 1986 Not Available
35th Session - 1985 Not Available
34th Session - 1984 Not Available
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