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The host school for a session is chosen by the Membership Committee two years prior to that session. Students from the host school serve as members of the Upper-Secretariat (including the Secretary-General and Under-Secretary General), as well as the committee chairs and World Press Editor (chairpersons may also be chosen from other interested member schools at the behest of the host school). Guided by the Governing Documents, the Secretariat determines the theme, sets the agenda, and selects the bodies to be convened. The Secretariat also oversees the writing of issues books for use by conference delegates to prepare for the annual session. 

Students interested in hosting an upcoming session of Model United Nations of the Far West should refer to the documents below for more information or email

The 70th Session is hosted by the Faculty, Students, and Alumni of Whittier College

Kelcey Negus

Kelcey Negus


Keelin Klein

Keelin Klein


Alex Russell

Alex Russell

Chef de Cabinet

Host School and Secretariat Resources

The following documents will help host schools and members of the Student Secretariat to plan their session, develop materials for conference, and train committee chairs. The documents in this section are in the process of being updated.

• Governing Documents for MUNFW Sessions
• Upper-Secretariat Handbook
MUNFW Secretariat Checklist

• Issues Book Guidelines and Best Practices
• Crisis Scenario Guidelines and Best Practices
• Special Session Guidelines and Best Practices

“I am deeply honored by the trust and confidence Member States have placed in me, and determined to be guided by the purposes and principles of the Charter.”

-António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations

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