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A Contentious Day of Unmoderated Caucus In The CSTD

The Model United Nations Of The Far West’s Commission on Science and Technological Development does not like to mess around. The committee chose today to forgo much of their open caucus time, preferring instead to sort out their issues in unmoderated caucus. All parties started out working on just one singular resolution. This move was followed by claims from almost…

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Combating Misinformation about Vaccines

During the health assembly of MUN Far West in 2023, the topic point approached was related to vaccine misinformation. Based on the fact that vaccines are a method that prevents diseases, the global community agrees that it is necessary to have efficiency and effectiveness in relation to spreading information about vaccines. However, in order to get the information that vaccines…

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Profile of an ambassador – Charlotta Schlyter

Charlotta Schlyter, a Swedish diplomat who is currently working as an ambassador for Sustainable Development at the Mission of Sweden to the United Nations in New York. She earned an LLM, or Master of Laws, at Uppsala University in Sweden and a second LLM at the University of Toronto in Canada. While attending a human rights course in Strasbourg, France,…

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Opening Plenary Notes

The Opening Plenary of the Model United Nations of the Far West began with roll calls of the member states, of which 55 were present. Following roll call, the chairs of the General Assembly invited the Secretary-General, Zoe Iseri, to the podium. Ms. Iseri discussed the shared mission of the MUNFW to an equitable and peaceful sustainable future, which includes…

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A Force for Good: Global Health and Technology for a Sustainable Future

In the 21st century, we have seen many technological advancements causing the world to take on a different worldview and tackle new challenges. This year, the Model United Nations of the Far West will be discussing important issues related to global health and technology with a shared commitment to a sustainable future. The importance of universal health care and digital…

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Q&A with Secretary-General Zoe Iseri

Where are you from?  I am originally from rural Pennsylvania, but my family moved to Sacramento a couple of years ago What is MUN? MUN stands for Model United Nations. MUNFW stands for Model United Nations of the Far West. It is a simulation of the United Nations, where participants act as delegates representing various countries and engage in diplomatic…

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