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Advancing Towards Consensus: Progress And Challenges In The General Assembly

Advancing Towards Consensus: Progress and Challenges in the General Assembly

Post-dinner, delegates of the General Assembly enter into a voting bloc for their consensus resolution. The only hindrance in their resolution was clarification under clause 11 from New Zealand regarding “fostering international collaboration with organizations and neighboring member states to increase digital trade, economic prosperity, share best practices, resources, and expertise, promoting digital inclusion on a global scale.” As it was just a clarification of the wording, this motion passes without objection. The introduction of agenda topic 2, structural inequalities and resilient strategies, has led to debates this morning from France and Syria. The General Assembly pushes forward, even after they were behind on amendments and passing of their resolutions. The General Assembly is now in tandem with the rest of the conference regarding their pace of passing resolutions. The fourth day of MUNFW will prove the resilience and dedication delegates demonstrate for their work, an exciting series of events unfolded into a quorum of diplomacy and delegation regarding their second agenda topics. Tonight, delegates hope to continue debate and eventually circle back around to their first agenda topic, genocide and mass atrocities, a heated and nail-biting debate.

Michaela Appiah
World Press Reporter
Weber State University


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