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Key Points From UNITAR And Roundtable Event

Key points from UNITAR and roundtable event

Today’s session was spurred to action with a 9 a.m. UNITAR meeting and roundtable event. Key speakers at this event were Mike McBride, Wes Rist, and Michelle Cervantes, all of whom are specialists in their field and former Model UN participants. Each speaker has a deep background and understanding of political science and wants to use their position as a mentor to help delegates and representatives through conferences for the next four days.

Mike McBride, a 53rd-time participant in Model UN, outlined basic courtesies delegates should be aware of as they draft their resolutions. Resolutions are the backbone of MUNFW; without them, none of the issues presented at the conference could be solved, and our “simulated world” would be held at a standstill. “Words mean a lot; you have to be really careful about the words you choose. Make sure your words say what you want them to say,” is the main advice that Mike gave regarding resolution drafting. Wes Rist gave the advice that resolutions should follow the BLUF rubric (bottom line up front), meaning the first line of each resolution should explain fully and completely what your resolution is about, rather than having it buried within your document

Michelle Cervantes, during her allotted time, spoke about the importance that participation in Model UN will have in the real world. Model UN prepares you for drafting documents quickly and concisely, speaking to large audiences, and learning organization skills in a direct, very hands-on way. “You get out of Model UN what you put into it; make the most of your time,” Michelle Cervantes on Model UN participation and benefits. Model UN is an amazing opportunity that each student/delegate has the opportunity to be a part of. Make the most of your time and remember, punctuation matters!

Michaela Appiah
World Press Reporter
Weber State University 

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