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Model UN Security Council Passes Resolution To Address Cabo Delgado Conflict

Model UN Security Council Passes Resolution to Address Cabo Delgado Conflict

The Model United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution aimed at tackling the escalating conflict in Cabo Delgado. Cabo Delgado is Mozambique’s northernmost province. The collaborative resolution underscores the condemnation of terrorist activities perpetrated by Al-Shabaab in the region. 

The resolution represents a significant milestone in addressing the multifaceted challenges posed by the conflict. It outlines a comprehensive strategy to combat terrorism, protect civilians, and promote stability in Cabo Delgado. 

Central to the resolution is the establishment of a peacekeeping mission tasked with eliminating the presence of Al-Shabaab in Cabo Delgado. The mission will prioritize disarmament efforts, particularly focusing on the recruitment and use of child soldiers by the terrorist group. Recognizing the urgent need to rehabilitate child soldiers, the resolution emphasizes the importance of providing support and assistance to ensure their successful reintegration into society. To this end, a specialized training program will be implemented to equip peacekeepers with the necessary skills to disarm and safely escort child soldiers away from conflict zones. 

In addition to addressing the humanitarian aspects of the conflict, the resolution underscores the importance of reinforcing existing infrastructure and provide vital humanitarian aid to affected communities in Cabo Delgado. By bolstering infrastructure and delivering essential service, the international community aims to lay the foundation for lasting peace and development in the region. 

Furthermore, the resolution recommends the temporary integration of military advisors from member states into local law enforcement institutions. This initiative aims to foster local autonomy in the region and build trust in local authorities, thereby facilitating effective and sustainable locally-led counter-terrorism operations. 

The adoption of this resolution underscores the collective commitment of the international community to addressing the root causes of conflict and promoting peace and security in Cabo Delgado. 

Sena Bryant
World Press Reporter
Metropolitan State University, Denver

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