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First-Time Delegates Share Insights From Model United Nations Experience

First-Time Delegates Share Insights From Model United Nations Experience

In the bustling corridors of the Model United Nations (MUN) conference, where the world’s future diplomats and leaders gather, a group of first-time participants shared their insight and reflection on their maiden voyage into the world of international diplomacy. 

Ethan Smith, a delegate representing Qatar in the General Assembly First Committee, highlighted the unexpected camaraderie that develops among delegates, emphasizing the ease with which diverse individuals unite to pursue common goals despite lacking prior acquaintance. “How close you get with delegates, how easy it is to work with people that I’ve never met before to pursue a common goal with no prior knowledge of each other,” Ethan remarked, echoing the sentiment of many newcomers. 

The delegate of Fiji, Wasef, reassured apprehensive newcomers by debunking myths surrounding the perceived difficulty of the MUN experience. He encouraged active participation, urging delegates to raise their placards, ask questions, and embrace the learning process.

Another participant from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Efrem, offered a unique observation, dispelling the notion of hierarchy within the MUN. He stressed that every participant, regardless of experience or background, is on an equal footing, all striving toward a common objective. “Everybody is on the same level, all just working and trying to make it through, it’s okay not to be perfect and everyone struggles,” he said.  

Jade Fuller, from California State Fresno, emphasized the significance of familiarizing oneself with the rules and procedures, underling the benefits of arriving prepared with binders. Additionally, Jade offered guidance to prospective participants, recommending the cultivation of debating and presentation skills. 

Aidan, serving as the delegate for China in the Security Council, advised fellow participants to familiarize themselves with the conference website, emphasizing the importance of practicing navigation. He specifically highlighted the importance of the PDF documents for understanding resolutions and conference proceedings. Furthermore, Aidan underscored the value of methodical preparation, urging delegates “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” 

Ximena, another first-time delegate, underscored the importance of networking and forging connections. She emphasized how these connections streamline collaboration and enhance the likelihood of passing resolution. “The importance of networking and connections with people because it makes it easier to collaborate and how it helps with passing resolutions,” Ximena noted, urging fellow novices to hone their social skills and comically advised to avoid wearing heels. 

In response to the question, “What advice would you give to new-coming delegates?” these seasoned newcomers collectively echoed the sentiments of fearlessness, engagement, and interpersonal connection. They emphasized the value of proactive participation, networking, and the realization that everyone regardless of experience, is navigating the MUN journey together.

Sena Bryant
World Press Reporter
Metropolitan State University, Denver

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