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The Ongoing Struggle In Gaza: Perspectives From The General Assembly

The Ongoing Struggle in Gaza: Perspectives from the General Assembly

In just a matter of weeks, the world will witness the Gaza genocide entering its seventh month. With thirty-four thousand Palestinians killed, including seven World Kitchen Aid workers, and atrocities reminiscent of the Holocaust becoming more apparent, pressure mounts on nations worldwide to hold Israel accountable. Tensions are particularly high in the General Assembly, where the Malaysian delegation bravely condemns Israel’s actions in the Palestinian territory while also shedding light on the Rohingya genocide by the Myanmar military.

In a powerful statement, Khadijah Atthar of the Malaysian delegation highlights that these mass atrocities stem from decades of oppression and structural inequalities, with the earliest signs of genocide remaining unaddressed. The history of violence between Israel and Palestinians, from the Hebron massacre to the present, underscores the urgency for peace.

While Malaysia urges all member states to promote peace and a swift ceasefire in Gaza, concerns arise about certain states’ hypocritical stances. The United States, a staunch supporter of Israel, faces scrutiny for its position and attempts to provide humanitarian aid amid the conflict.

Interviews with delegates reveal differing perspectives. The United States emphasizes sending humanitarian aid to Gaza, while Israel justifies its actions as self-defense following attacks by Hamas. Despite differing viewpoints, the Israeli-Palestinian ordeal persists, with Malaysia’s call for action offering hope for a just resolution.

Wajiha Chaudhary
World Press Reporter
American River College, California

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