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The MUNFW World Press is pleased to present the new, digital format for the conference’s traditional news publication. If you are a returning delegate, check out our conference archives for past issues and to relive the best moments of your time at Far West. You can even find older issues and information dating back to the earliest years of the conference to see how the MUNFW has evolved through the years. If you’re new to Model United Nations of the Far West, we’d like to welcome you and provide a little bit of background information on the World Press and the hard work that delegates engage in every year during the annual session to cover news about the negotiations, crisis scenarios, and opportunities for delegates at MUNFW.

The World Press was founded during the 40th Session in 1990, an evolution of the MUNFW Daily Journal (founded at the Sixth Annual Session in 1956) which provided delegates with logistical information regarding the conference site, including directions to different areas of the college campus hosting the session, updates on conference events and meeting locations, and more. The World Press was created with a new mission in mind — to bring news about the conference to delegates in their committees, and to fully incorporate the newspaper into the simulation by selecting “foreign correspondents” from various country teams to cover conference events. Ever since, delegates have eagerly awaited the daily deliveries of World Press issues to their committee rooms to read about the excitement occurring in other committees. 

World Press reporters have also covered important issues of interest to students delegates outside of committee negotiations, including the ways that real world events have affected them and changed their policy positions, sometimes in the middle of the session. 

The World Press, like the Daily Journal before it, and indeed all institutions, has evolved over time, and the new blog format is just one example of that evolution. As partners in the mission to be good stewards of the environment and to enhance our collective understanding of the world and international organizations like the United Nations, Model United Nations of the Far West and the editors and correspondents of the World Press are proud to announce the World Press Online. Check back here throughout the 70th Session for articles, interviews, and more. Engage with our writers and other WP readers in the comment sections, and get the most out of your time here at MUNFW!

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