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Romania’s Opening Plenary Speech

Romania’s Opening Plenary Speech

Romania begins by expressing how honored they are to tackle this year’s theme “The Sustainable Development Goals: Leave No One Behind.” They acknowledge the serious global threats and challenges that are exposing vulnerabilities and amplifying inequalities in our nations. Some of these being poverty, human exclusions, and violations of fundamental human rights; most importantly COVID-19. 

Romania is desiring to “strike a balance between the aspirations of its citizens and the society they depend upon.” In order to do this,  they advanced sustainable development in Romania’s National Sustainable Development Strategy of 230 in 2018: promoting the sustainable development of their country. It also focuses on economic, social, and environmental issues. 

Currently, Romania’s top priority is to eliminate poverty and social exclusion within education, employment, healthcare, and housing policies. They also recognize the socio-economic problems that the Eastern European Union faces and have identified what can be done. This includes accelerating development, expanding social protection, strengthening trial infrastructure, and developing accountable evidence-based and transparent policies and programs. 

Romania ends its speech urging that international cooperation and multilateral partnerships are keys to creating hope and endless possibilities in addressing inequality. 

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