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Finland’s Opening Plenary Speech

Finland’s Opening Plenary Speech

Today, Finland started their opening plenary speech with the reference to this year’s conference theme “The Empowerment of Women and Girls” as something which “contains many complex issues.” Such issues are greatly affected by “blockades and shortfalls by the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

Finland made a strong emphasis on cooperative and unified solutions, which Finland supported by saying “Inequalities women face every day affect everyone. Therefore, issues that affect everyone, must be resolved by everyone.” A priority course of action for Finland is to work on Sustainable Development Goals. With gender equality rapidly improving in Finland, as well as voluntary funding towards institutions that prioritize women in leadership and the country’s priority of ensuring safety for indigenous women, there has been more recognized critical importance to be addressed. Such is the gender-based violence, violence towards women and young girls, educational sectors, and the shortcomings of educational provisions. Finland recognized that progress for achieving STG goals has been “either stagnated or have been completely eliminated due to COVID-19 pandemic.” 

With that, Finland finished off their speech urging United Nations and member states “now that it is known what needs to be done, let us work turning the present to a better one. A present that is not leaning on eventuality.” Finland remained to have a strong emphasis on unity, “Finland looks forward to working with United Nations and allied member states further in order to address solutions for women’s empowerment at both horizontal and vertical scales.”

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