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A Force For Good: Global Health And Technology For A Sustainable Future

A Force for Good: Global Health and Technology for a Sustainable Future

In the 21st century, we have seen many technological advancements causing the world to take on a different worldview and tackle new challenges. This year, the Model United Nations of the Far West will be discussing important issues related to global health and technology with a shared commitment to a sustainable future. The importance of universal health care and digital misinformation will also take a spotlight in select committees. 

The General Assembly will create resolutions on protecting civilians in combat zones, especially those with disabilities, and the right of peoples to self-determination. The Third Committee will confront the promoting of universal access to health care, the right to privacy in this age of technology, and human rights. The World Health Assembly will discuss strengthening national capacities for a pandemic response, addressing vaccine hesitancy and misinformation, and antimicrobial resistance. Promoting the safe use of nuclear technology in the eradication of marine microplastics and nuclear non-proliferation, disarmament, and sustainable disposal are among the topics to be addressed by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Finally, the Commission on Science and Technology for Development will look at three topics like the other committees, including promoting global health through technology transfer.

With all these important issues taking center stage in their respective committees, let us all reflect on what we all can do on an individual level to address global health and technology for a sustainable future.

Abigail Sanchez
World Press Editor

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