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Q&A with Secretary-General Zoe Iseri

Where are you from? 

  • I am originally from rural Pennsylvania, but my family moved to Sacramento a couple of years ago

What is MUN?

  • MUN stands for Model United Nations. MUNFW stands for Model United Nations of the Far West. It is a simulation of the United Nations, where participants act as delegates representing various countries and engage in diplomatic discussions to address global issues.

How long has it been going on?

  • The first session of the Model United Nations of the Far West was held at Stanford University in 1951. Students from three western States gathered to debate issues that were, at the time, simultaneously being considered in the halls of United Nations Headquarters in New York.

What was your first memory with Model United Nations?

  • Research and Preparation: My first memory of MUN was the intense preparation I had undertaken to represent Estonia. I researched the country’s background, policies, and stances on various issues, which allowed me to make informed decisions and contribute effectively during the conference.

What was your favorite memory?

  • Chairing UNHCR: Serving as a chair for the UNHCR committee was an incredible experience. My favorite memory from that time was witnessing the growth and development of the delegates as they improved their skills in negotiation, public speaking, and diplomacy throughout the conference.

What is the Secretary General?

  • The position of Secretary-General in MUN is the highest-ranking official and is responsible for overseeing the conference’s overall organization and ensuring that all committees run smoothly. 

How many Secretary Generals have there been before you?

  • Since the first MUNFW conference in 1951, there have been many Secretary-Generals. Since each conference has a secretary-general, there have been 72. 

What were your previous roles within MUN?

  • In 2020 and 2021, I was a delegate, the Permanent Representative for Estonia in the General Assembly.
  • In 2022, I was a chair of the UNHCR Committee.

What do you hope to do as the Secretary General this year at the conference?

  • I hope to create a collaborative and inclusive environment, facilitate productive discussions, and ensure a memorable experience for all participants.

What are you most excited about? 

  • I am most excited about the opportunity to lead a diverse group of individuals and make a positive impact on their MUNFW experience.

What are you least excited about?

  • I am least excited about managing potential conflicts and challenges that may arise during the conference.

Is this your first MUN conference in person?

  • I have not had an in-person conference yet, but I am looking forward to seeing it this year!

Things you do outside of MUN, and what do you hope to do after you graduate? 

  • I am a President of the Athenian Society, and have been involved in a lot of other clubs and organizations on campus. I love going to concerts and photography. 
  • After graduation I hope to work at the California State capital for a year before getting my masters in Middle Eastern Studies and/or International Security.

Angélica Escobar
World Press Editor

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