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Opening Plenary: Poland’s Speech

Opening Plenary: Poland’s Speech

“In order for health and technology to be a force for good, the two must be a force for all.” 

This powerful quote was spoken by the Polish delegate at Friday’s Model United Nations of the Far West 72nd Opening Plenary session. This year, Poland was speaking on behalf of the Eastern European block, sharing regional issues and addressing Poland’s goals to accomplish and cooperate on at the 72nd MUNFW conference. One very strong topic from Poland’s speech was on the ultimate importance of upholding the tenants of International Law as a pathway towards “taking concrete steps towards a sustainable future.” As a regional issue, Poland heightened the importance of upholding international law by reminding fellow member-states that “currently the world is witnessing states seeking to use power politics to their own advantage and openly challenge the international order and role of law.” 

The Polish delegate referred to the war in Ukraine as having “severely undermined Europe’s security architecture lowering the distinction between internal and external security dimensions.” Such a quote strongly ties with Poland’s agenda towards securing International Lawmaking the war in Ukraine a prioritized issue on which Poland seeks to work multilaterally with member-states in addressing economic and migratory challenges. Poland has also noted the global impact of the war in Ukraine, “across the globe, supply chains have been disrupted, increasing the price of food, fuel, and other commodities.” Furthermore, Poland encouraged regular channels of communication between Moscow to have clear and coherent messages. 

Concluding their Opening Plenary speech, the Polish delegate remarked on the importance of member-states working multilaterally and reaching consensus on important issues that impact the global community, “These issues are stitched into a wider international tapestry of which all countries in the world are incorporated.” 

Olga Yatsenka
World Press Reporter


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